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Dear Renters,

Whether you are a current tenant or looking for your next place to call home, we hope you find our website useful and easy to use. 

This page has all the available document downloads for Grizzly Property Management. You may need a PDF viewer to view these documents. Get Adobe Reader

Below are the links to the separate files for our application. The application is four pages total, and each page needs to be filled out in its entirety before being turned in. The files are in PDF Format. Please click on the link, hit "open," and then print the file. Completed applications can be mailed: 2205 South Ave West Missoula, MT 59801 You can also fax them to us at (406) 549-1443. If you'd prefer to e-mail your application, it can be sent to  

A Co-Signer will be required for applicants deficient in rental/mortgage history, income requirements, and/or credit history.

One of our greatest prides is that we are a friendly office with quality rentals. To maintain this standard we do have a number of policies we strictly adhere to. All of these policies and procedures can be found our applications, however, below are some of the most notable when considering renting with us:

1. Sexual and Violent Offenders need not apply. We do not rent to sexual or violent offenders.
2. We look at your complete application before making an approval or non-approval decision. That means we check for sufficient income as well as your credit, criminal and rental history.
3. Pets. Not all of our properties accept an animal and many require approval of the Property Owner prior to placing a pet in their rental. If the property accepts a pet, it is our policy to charge an additional security deposit of $200, and we charge an additional $35 rent per month per pet. We do not accept pets younger than 15 months old. If an unauthorized pet is found, our office issues a 3-day notice to either remove the pet permanently or vacate.
4. Smoking. None of our properties are smoker-friendly. We do not allow smoking in any of our rentals, and we require that all cigarette butts are placed in a fire-proof receptacle. At many of our properties smoking is not allowed on the premises at all.     5. All renters are required to carry renters insurance.

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